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Southeastern Indiana Rural Electric Membership Corporation (REMC), headquartered in Osgood, Indiana, is a member-owned corporation that has supplied electric power to member-owners since its incorporation on April 29,1939.





Generator Load Shed Program FAQs


1.      What type of generator does the REMC provide?

SEI REMC is an authorized service dealer for Generac generators. We have certified technicians available to quote, sell,                install and service Generac back-up generators.

2.      How does a generator work?

The generators provided by the REMC have an automatic transfer switch which is located next to your electrical main. This switch monitors incoming voltage 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. When a break in your electrical service occurs, the switch immediately signals the generator to power up. It safely closes off the utility line and simultaneously opens up a new power line from the generator.

3.      How loud is the generator when it is running?

       a.       In a quiet test mode, during weekly operation, the level is 65 DBA (measurement of sound pressure) at 20 feet

       b.      Normal emergency operation is 78 DBA at 20 feet

       c.       In comparison, a typical riding lawn mower is 90 DBA at 20 feet

4.      How much does a generator cost?

Providing all eligibility requirements are met, the Generator Load Program Offers generators to members at a 25% discounted price of the actual installed cost. A quote cannot be given until your application is received, approved, and a site survey has been performed.

5.      Details about Generac Pre-Packaged Emergency Power Systems (generators) provided by SEI REMC:

a.       Automatic engine start/stop

b.      20 kw generator weighs 571 pounds

c.       Provides emergency power to the entire house

d.      Dimensions are Length x Width x Height (49x26x29)

e.       Can be operated by either liquid propane or natural gas

f.       At 50% load, a generator will use 1.78 gallons per hour

g.       Automatic electric load transfer to the “live” source of electricity

h.      Overspeed / low oil / high temperature / low coolant level shutdowns

i.        Most powerful, fully automatic, enclosed generators of its size available anywhere

j.        SEI REMC will set unit on 3” of gravel; member may supply a mounting pad of their choice

6.      Program Qualifications:

a.       Must be a member in good standing.

b.      Must have electric water heater, central air (heat pump, geothermal, or gas furnace w/ central air).

c.       Must agree to have a Demand Response Unit (DRU) installed for load control purpose.

d.      Must place unit  within 10 feet of meter base, unless other arrangements are made during the site survey.

e.       Must carry a $300.00 annual maintenance agreement.

f.       Member responsible for providing fuel source (LP or natural gas) to generator.  Minimum LP gas tank of 300 gallon or larger

      with 2 regulators.





                         Model 05875 20 kW air cooled unit

                         200  amp transfer switch 3 R service rated

                         26 R Generac Battery with installation                      $5,857


                         Less 25% member discount                                     ($1,464)



                                                                                    $4,393.00        unit cost

                                                                                    $    307.51       sales tax






                        Member costs may vary depending on additional materials needed for install